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Another manifestation taking place. COACHELLA , we’re on our way! #nofilter #coachella #festival #sistersgetaway #desert #selfie #music  (at Palm Springs, CA)

Lose Yourself ( @GianniLee X @ParisArtelli ) Ft. Tracee Owo [ @Ladyowoland ] by GianniLee

:::the Gadawan Kura of Lagos::: (hyena handlers of Lagos) photo by Pieter Hugo

It’s all about perception. Be in control of that challenge in your life and don’t let it control you. I love the look of assurance in the little girls face in this photo. Although the hyena is bigger, stronger and ‘dangerous’ ..the handler is in control. Stay mentally strong folks ⚡️
Part II of the vocal mix series soon come..until then enjoy the vibes of the “What So Not - Touched Vocal Mix” via souncloud ! #thousandsofplays #OWOmixes #TraceeOWO #music #artist #soundcloud #newmusic #fuminya

Jimi Hendrix lapse-0f-reason

That moment.

LOVE smarter 

Daily Dose I

"Thoughts become things"

We attract what we put out into the world and this includes our thoughts. Ever had something happen to you and you say out loud “I was just thinking about that!” It wasn’t a coincidence, it was what you attracted to your space. Now if our thoughts hold this much energy and power, why spend most of your time thinking about the negative? Why clutter your mind with the things that make you unhappy?

Instead, counter the negativity thrown at you with a positive thought of what you want to happen. Train your thoughts to become the things that you DO want to happen and watch them happen. iPeace


I cant wait :D Here it is!!! NEW Single from TRACEE OWO WHATS SO NOT – TOUCHED (Tracee Owo Vocal Mix) on soundcloud.com ** I LOVE IT!! GET INTO IT!!!!!! https://soundcloud.com/traceeowo/what-so-not-touched-tracee
#traceeowo#whatssonot#touched#vocalmix#amazing#inspiration#fresh#music#amazing#follow#evolution#queen#apiim#power#paintyourmasterpiece <3 @ladyowoland

"You thought you took it all, took it all from me. So long baby!"

One week after I released the vocal mix, @GianniLee and @ParisArtelli create this amazing remix track and artwork called “Lose Yourself” and it’s fire 🔥 Link is in my bio!